Thursday, July 21, 2016

6 October 1916 France

Dear Folks,

A brief note is all I can write just now as I am still on the broad of my back. I am a patient in #18 General Hospital just now awaiting transfer to England which will come when the Dr. thinks I am well enough to travel.

The wound is in my right abdomen and a piece of shrapnel penetrated my liver.

Was carrying a wounded German when I got hit. Was fixed up immediately and sent to CCS and was operated upon the same night i.e. September 28th.

Passed through Billy Redburn's dressing station on my way down. He said he would drop you a note. That is why I didn't write sooner. Also wrote to Bill in London & told him to cable you. You have no doubt rec'd it long before now.. It is not serious and no need to worry. Expect to be sent on in a day or two.


Harold Skilling

P.S. There is a man in same ward from Lucknow. His name is Habick. Was in the hotel business in Lucknow.

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