Monday, July 18, 2016

3 Sept 1916 France

Dear folks,

Have not moved much since I wrote last but there is no telling when. Route marches etc. and Company drill has been the order of the week.

My section has been chosen to run the hospital and we have been accommodating about 20 patients every day. We have not nearly as much equipment as when running a dressing station. So we cannot give as good service. However we are not expected to give as much when under conditions like we are here.

We had two or three days of heavy rain and wind at the first of the week and our tarpaulins that we had as shelters blew down. The whole unit except duty and fatigue parties were away route marching even if it was storming. We got just about as wet as the others trying to keep the shelters from blowing away and putting them up again. it was pretty uncomfortable and cold but we got an extra blanket each so we had a fairly comfortable night.

There is great speculation as to where we are going. They told us one place but orders of that kind are always subject to change at a moment's notice. We are attached to the 5th Brigade at present but I am not sure whether or not it is permanent. In addressing letters just omit the Brigade #5 Fld. Amb. 2nd division will get me ok.

Have not had a letter form home since writing last time so have nothing to answer. There is very little news so I'll ring off. Am real well. Hope everyone is the same at home. What are Norma and Vern going to do?


Harold Skilling

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