Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2 Nov. 1916 Holeyn Hall Wylam-on-Tyne

Dear folks,

I suppose you had quite an anxious time during the period between cables. You will likely have the note I sent from France and possibly some of my letters from England by this time. so there is no need for anxiety. I am just as fit now as ever I was and would ask to be marked out next time the doc. comes, if it wasn't for Bill's leave. As it is, I am going to request another week here. I think it will be granted when they know the reason. The Sister in charge seems very decent; I have explained to her.

Had a letter from Millie Mitford and ...ith Howson this morning. they gave me a very pressing invitation to stay at their place during my stay in London. I'll be glad to go there and to lose sight of soldiers and barracks for awhile.

I have been taking some nice long walks during the last few days. the weather has been just like Indian Summer - only not so nice. The country up around here is not nearly so pretty as it is in kent where 2nd Division trained last summer.

Friday Nov. 3rd

Was interrupted yesterday and did not get any more written. The weather is not so nice today so I am not going out but will try and get some more letters written. I have been having some good times with the Victrola during the last few days. It was away getting repaired so I didn't bother to look over the records. There must be about 200 or so and all big ones. I never listened to such good ones before. There are lots by Caruso, Melba, Scotti, Kubelic etc. All the grand operas etc. I could listen to them all day. The thing's never stopped going all day. I'm scared someone will be busting it or some of the records. Some of them cost 1 pound and some a guinea.

I was talking to the Commandant ( a woman) last evening and told her about wanting to stay another week. she said it would be alright if the Canadians did not have to be transferred to one of their own convalescent homes. she had had a communication asking how many Canadians were here that were fit to travel. there are only two. She expects some word from the RAMC doctor on Monday. If we are not marked out on Monday, everything will be "jake".

Tell Mae and the Toronto people not to send along a lot of stuff just yet anyway. I'll send for things I need after I see what I am issued in shape of kit. I'll be able to get nearly everything I need as I am in England now and won't require so much as I would in France. I am afraid most of the parcels that have been sent will go astray because likely everything will be sent to France. All my letters have been coming through ok. It keeps me pretty busy answering them.

There is nothing very eventful happening here and consequently not much news. Will let you know anything that turns up of importance.



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