Wednesday, August 3, 2016

28 Nov.1916 609 Finchley Rd, London, England

Dear Mother:-

Have been having a whale of a time since coming here and it seems harder to get started at a letter here than it is in France.

Things just worked out fine for Bill and me to have our leave together. I got here just 1 day after he did, and will possibly be away longer than he will. I suppose you knew that I had gotten 4 weeks convalescent leave.

Since coming here I have been running around with Bill & between us, we have done all the Xmas shopping. We have everything sent off but yours. Since you are away visiting, we thought you would rather have a small "draught" than anything else we could send from here so I am enclosing a draft for $10.00 from Bill and me.

We expect to go up to Scotland for a week or so sometime this week. Bill is expecting to be gazetted anytime and will be on leave until he is posted to a Battalion. I am off until Dec. 16 so we are going to have practically all the time together.

We have been very lucky as regards weather. It is just like October at home, clear and frosty at nights. It is generally very wet at this time of year in England. Do my letters go out to you regularly? I always send them to Father at Teeswater so that they will go the rounds as usual.

Well, I think I told most of the news in my regular letters so I'll ring off as I am in a hurry. Give my love to Merren and Gert and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

Your loving son,


Note from Bill Skilling to his mother below:

Dear Mother, it seems harder even to write while on leave than when we're working. It's no use trying to tell all we're doing till we're back to our unit again, then the full account will come. In the meantime, short notes will have to do. We're staying at Millie's & having a great time. All thru my course. Best of love to you and all. Merry Christmas. Hope the junk got there ok. Your loving son, Bill

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