Wednesday, August 3, 2016

13 Nov. 1916 CCAC Shoreham (Near Brighton)

Dear folks,

This is Monday and I have been travelling all day from Shorncliffe. We had to change trains 3 times and finally arrived here at about 4 pm. Everyone has a different version as to our disposal here but I guess I'll see tomorrow.

I was sent for from Armstrong College last Thursday to be transferred to a Canadian hospital. We left Newcastle on Friday and arrived Shorncliffe at about 1 am Sat. night (via London). We stayed there over Sunday and this morning we were sent to CCAC (where I am now). I'll have to sleep on boards again tonight. It will seem different than a bed but I'll have to get used to it sooner or later again.

There is so much red tape and herding to go thru' here that we are all thoroughly disgusted. We can't get any satisfaction out of anyone. I am going to make a good bid to get away by Wed. on furlough for I understand medical corps men are only sent away on Wed. so that if I don't get away this week, it will be another before I go. By that time Bill will have put in a week of his and in all probability her will not get more than 7 or 10 days.

I'll likely have to spend all day tomorrow answering roll calls etc. and waiting my turn to go before a Med. Board to be passed upon. After I've been boarded, I'll go to another camp & await leave there. In the meantime I'll have physical drill or whatever I am passed as fir for.

After my furlough I return here and do more physical drill until I am thoroughly fit and then I report to  my depot (med. training depot) at Dibgate camp Shorncliffe. From there I may be sent out on a draft to France at any time or detailed on any medical corps work.

Sunday (yesterday) I was walking in Folkstone and ran across Harry Lewis and
Chas. Stewart. I also saw my CO Col. G.D.Farmer. He seemed glad to see me and broached the subject of my commission. He rec'd my application and said her would recommend me but that I would have to be paraded before a General. Possibly I'll follow it up from my Depot when I get back there.

I guess you will be wondering how I feel more than all this other stuff. I am just about alright again but I think if we get much more of this trotting around on starvation rations, I'll have a relapse. For the last week nearly I've had to depend on charity and free soldier's buffets for my meals. I can't get any money and we have been o the move so much that I have no address long enough to have any sent from Bill. I think we can draw some money now though as long as we are here. I got mother and Maude's parcels ok but the strawberries of mother's were all soaked into the shirt & sox. A good wash will fix them though. Maude's arrived in good condition. Both had to go to France. I didn't expect them at all. Don't send very much to me at Christmas and mail it to Med. Corps Training Depot, Dibgate Camp, Shorncliffe, Eng.

Well I must ring off and get into bed as I'm pretty tired tonight. I'll write as soon as anything is done with me & let you know all about things.



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