Wednesday, July 20, 2016

12 September 1916 France

Dear folks,

Canadian mail came in last night and got 2 from you. It was the first big mail for nearly 3 weeks and it seemed longer than that since I had gotten a letter. Have been doing a lot of travelling and marching since I wrote last but we are nearly finished now and are ready to go up the line anytime. There is very little I can tell you about where we are etc. but you will see all about the Division movements in the papers.

So Norma has decided to go to Stratford Normal Scool. What is Vern going to do?

Say can you send some parcels along as soon as you like? Don't bother putting in much variety. Just a light cake is as good as anything. Get some of my money assignment money from Orville and use it to get things with and pay postage etc. Be sure and do that now.

Haven't heard from Bill for about 2 weeks. There will likely be a letter from him in a few days.

We have been in our present billets for nearly a week now but expect to move out soon. But we are not informed as to where we will be going. Evidently the way things are done here is to give each Division a certain amount of work to do and they can stay till they get it done or else get too badly cut up to do it.

There is no more time to write just now so I'll have to ring off. I'll let you know just as soon as I can how things are.


Harold Skilling

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